Anonymous said: beliebers talk more shit about selena then selenators talk shit about justin seriously selena got 4 years of hate of beliebers but I'm finally happy she's with him anymore but she still got hate from beliebers that never end


Tbh all 2 fandoms take shit about opposite one. And i am not gonna say anything about it bc i’m a Belieber(just belieber) and i’ve never hated on Selena and i never will. I shipp/shipped Jelena for so long and now i’m finally getting over them. If they get back together again i’ll shipp them again bc it’s their decision and if they are happy i’m happy too. But we all know that relationship became toxic at some point and i think maybe it’s time for them to really move on.





My faith in pizza guys has gone up 123%

NO LET ME TELL YOU A STORYSo a few weeks ago I was in a hotel in Savannah with my grampa in the hospital next door, Mom was over staying with him, and the battery in the smoke detector went out so every 5 minutes it would let off this loud, high pitched ‘CHIRP’.It was annoying as fuck, so I called the front desk to see if they had a battery for it, and they said the only thing they could do was change rooms. We’d already settled in for the night, and needed the next door rooms for my uncles the next day, so I said I’d deal. My uncles had my car in the next town over, so I couldn’t drive and get one myself.An hour later, I’m ordering pizza and have gone insane because the damn thing CHIRPS. SO. MUCH.So I begged the pizza guy on the phone to stop and get me a battery, told him I’d pay for the battery, and give him an extra tip for it, and he was chill with it. This adorable fucker gets to my room with the battery, opens it, asks to see the smoke detector, CLIMBS ON THE BED, CHANGES THE BATTERY FOR ME, and tests it.My pizza was only 20 dollars, but I gave him 40 and told him to keep the change.

I am clearly not fully utilizing my pizza delivery person…..

What’s next pizza delivery hitmen


not every justin bieber fan hates selena gomez, calls her terrible names, makes rude comments about her body, or shames her for hanging out with guys who aren’t justin so shut the fuck up i’m sick of all of you

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SINCE U BEEN GONE !!!!!!!!!!!! (since u been gone) I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME IM SO MOVING ON (ya ya) THANKS TO YOU (thanks to you) NOW I GET (now i get) I GET WHAT I WAAAAAAAAAANT

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i will do a lot of things but admitting im cold to my mum who told me to bring a jacket isn’t one of them

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If a girl leans toward you: Kiss her.

If her hand is free: Hold it.

If she’s upset: Hug her until she is okay.

Just: love her.

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Anonymous said: i hope you're enjoying your time off, & happy birthday to ur boyfriend :) xoxo

Thank you so much !!
Much love xoxox